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Change – when you hear this word you want to switch the topic straight away. I understand it. Many times in my life I wanted to do the same… when I wasn’t sure whether the decision was correct, when something took me too much effort or when I felt simply comfortable in the place where I was.


The worst moment arrives when you want to make a decision about changing your workplace. It seems like an enormous challenge in your thoughts so you procrastinate it as long as possible or till the very time when your employer has already decided to get rid of you. It is a really common and kind of normal behaviour, so don’t worry, you are like most population. The question is: would you like to be like them? Or would you rather do things differently?


There will be a lot of ups and downs in your way, a lot more challenges. Change is a process, sometimes very time-consuming and usually not easy, especially when you need to leave your cosy place and move forward. There are many reasons why people make decisions about changing their job or work environment. Sometimes it is because they have improved so much that they cannot progress anymore in their current place, sometimes the reason is money or impolite people around (rule: you are the same as 5 people closest to you). At some point of your life your priorities can change or you would rather achieve a better work-life balance.

So many times I see people wanting changes, yet there is no action behind. Probably not many of you know that change comes on 3 levels. Imagine 3 doors, one after the other – to access, you need to open all of them. The first level is BODY – physically your body needs to be ready for change. Secure yourself when your stability is weak, get stronger, eat healthier, plan your workout better. Some people do a lot more activities while changing than throughout their entire life as it is the way to work-out their stress. As you know, your body is strongly connected to your MIND. It is such a powerful piece of ourselves. It gives you all views of your life, good or bad. If you don’t know how to control it, it can cause a lot of troubles, even depression. During changing your career your mind needs to be ready, conscious, look for solutions (not problems). Sometimes it will lead you to such questions as ‚should I?’ or ‚can I?’. And it is really important to remember about the main reason WHY you have made the decision. REALITY can be tricky and it is the last part of your ‚change-journey’. It verifies your commitment and action. Will you really do something or will you just talk about the change? The answer to this question arrives now. Your acts, plans and solutions will be crucial here. They should become the reality, otherwise you will not achieve results you planned in your mind and through your body.


All 3 parts dovetail. You cannot start your change on one level and jump to the third. Because of the lack of awareness of all levels a lot of people never achieve their goals or get unexpected results. Over past few years I was using this triangle in practice resulted in having my own business, helping people all around the world in achieving their career goals or being the person I’m proud of. I truly believe changes are for people and may bring amazing results in your life, however, you cannot be afraid of them.


ACTION POINT: Think about one change you always wanted to achieve, chunk it into 3 parts above, answer: what will you do tomorrow to start? 

Written by: Nicole Termin

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