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3 reasons why you don’t have a dream job

Over the last few years of working with people, I have seen many cases of people not achieving their goals, not following their dreams and not  managing to live the life that they want. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that many people don’t take action and instead, have excuses for not taking action.


There are 3 main reasons that contribute to people not being where they want to be in their lives. The first one is Lack of knowledge, which is the most common reason. And some examples of excuses for not gaining the knowledge are; You think you don’t have time to develop your skills; you are always saying that you are “too busy”; you don’t know where to find the answers to your questions or maybe you are just lazy, but you are still in denial. If you do not develop your skills, your knowledge will never be updated and will be limited. For example, if you have an app on your phone and you never do the necessary update it will never upgrade to the next level. If new software becomes available yet you still continue to use the old app without ever updating it, At some point you will not be able to use the app on your phone because the app will be out of date and useless. Do you want to be a wizard in your field? If so, Upgrade yourself! Instead of having an excuse, Cut down your scrolling time on social media, make a plan of what you need to do to develop your skills and manage your time daily to be able to take action.


Another reason why people don’t always achieve their goals, is that people think to get a better job, they need to invest a lot of money into a skill or craft and they may not have the money right now. This could be true, however you should never let lack of money stop your progress or make you forget that there are options available to you which are free, such as webinars, eBooks and free events. Ideally, a minimum of 5% of your monthly income should be saved to invest in your personal development. So if you always find money to buy more clothes or cosmetics every month, you should plan how to properly manage your money to reinvest them in your personal growth and knowledge.


The third reason why people do not achieve their goals to get closer to their dream job, is because they lack confidence to just go for it. They are too busy following old trends, following the wrong things on social media, doubting their decisions, worrying what other people will think and not believing in themselves. These are some of the things people do if they lack confidence. This can sometimes be the main barrier to your dream job. How can you improve your confidence? Create your own accomplishment book, write 10 positive things about yourself and read them every day, think about the most important values in your life and write down things you love about yourself or that your are good at . Read this daily and often through your day and you will start to break down that barrier to your confidence.


These 3 main reasons can contribute to you not starting your path to success and getting that dream job. Start to change your mindset with the examples above and see how your all parts of your working and personal life, will change for the better. 

Written by: Nicole Termin

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