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Nicole Termin

I help people to climb the professional career ladder, motivate them and attract potential employers by creating a true and consistent image in the job market. In addition, I work with entrepreneurs on how to stand out with their own business ideas, make them profitable and help businesses how to create an inspiring and motivational environment in work place.

Energetic and active – these words describe me most accurately. I made my way from a student to a business woman in only two years. I loves studying, broadening my knowledge in business, psychology and other fields of interest everyday.


Professional experience: graduate from business, law and postgraduate from psychology in business, qualified in career coaching and leadership, several years of corporate experience from admin to managerial role, trainer and speaker on self-development events in United Kingdom and Poland, occasional lecturer at universities in Europe. Member of International Association of Professional Career Coaches.


I believe:  ‘Anyone can have a passionate job, you just need to dedicate time and simply work on it! I am here to mentor you through this process so you will see the results rather than waste your time’.


Mission: Showing customer the way to passion and pride in business and private life. Helping them to understand a powerful meaning of change.



Regardless of how you arrived in your professional life, changed a job or started your own business, you need to acknowledge a new set of rules and apply them. We will tutor and guide you on how to take care of your career, implement a business plan, become a successful leader and build good interpersonal relations at work. We will teach you new strategies and tactics to ensure candidates applying for career positions within your business are the best, brightest, the most enthusiastic, motivated and best qualified individuals to suit your company needs. We will show you how wild more productive and motivated team which support your business in every situation.


Creating a business and your personal or company brand is a difficult, arduous process. Here you will find external stimulus that will enhance your creativity, innovative thinking and thinking “outside the box”. Together we will strategize new creative ideas.


Don’t wait too long implementing your idea, or someone else might beat you to the punch. Navigating your way may be intricate and full of unexpected obstacles – that’s why you need professional support and advice as well as our proven techniques. We will show you how to arrive at point A (idea) to point B (implementation). We will teach you the difficult art of effective communication with people. You will understand how not to give up in moments of doubt and how to manage your time in a productive way.