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How many times did you send a CV and you did not get an answer? How many times did you have a good feeling about a job, but you were not lucky? Your answer would be that it has happened more times, than you actually got a job.


Looking at statistics, an average recruiter gets 250 CVs for one role, but just 4-6 people will be called for an interview and just one person will get a job. The question is arriving in your mind, how your CV must look like to be more outstanding than others.


Because more often the recruitment process is moving in the direction of online applications, there are new ways to make yourself more outstanding. Even if you have an amazing past experience, you can still impress recruiters by creating your own website with your experience, skills and hobby. This trend is more and more popular in US. In Europe, mostly people from creative fields have it. I know, if you work in different types of jobs, you will think that it is not a good idea to promote yourself. In my opinion our market is going in this direction, 79% of job seekers look for jobs in social media like LinkedIn or Facebook. So, if your profile on social media is an invitation for a job interview, why your personal website will not promote you even better?


You can share there your expertise in ‘master topic’, tell the story about your employment, invite employees to check your social media, which will confirm that you have nothing to hide. It will make you aware too, to keep your image through social media in a professional way, which means no more photos from parties when you were in an inappropriate situation.


Opening your mind for new opportunities, can open you a new door for employment. You can become a leader in a new way of searching for a job. You will show that you care and make an effort to get a job. So, don’t be afraid of your experience, give yourself more chances to get what you want.

Written by: Nicole Termin

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