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I have chosen travels. You have limitless possibilities.

How does it happen that I’m not keen on constancy, the soft blanket of stabilization, mood of sureness or moments when comfortableness wins with the adventure? Why am I known as a wanderer, why do I run? Let me begin with the obvious obviousness – because everyone differs. Even if most people like drinking the water, there will always be one black sheep which never drinks the damned water. I have chosen the way of living as I did, and it doesn’t mean that it’s the most appropriate way for each one of us. It neither means I’m going to keep it until my dying breath. It means that I’m happy NOW – following MY definition of happiness, creating it, changing where required. What will give me pleasure or take away my pain at different stages of my life, I can’t verify. Travelling is the thing that moulded my personality. I listen to myself, I do what the voice in my head whispers to me. Actually, I believe that happiness is not dependable on the place you are. It depends on the state of mind, on the possibility of being here and now. Thus you will want to ask: why the hell do you move towards if you can be happy anywhere?

… I’m listening to the subtle sound of rustling leaves under my feet, the noise of wind, purr of the fire, dangerousness of storms, chatter of animals being around. I’m feeling the coldness of early dew, touch of the stranger, view of colorful landscapes. I’m seeing and sensing such a green greenth you cannot experience in pictures, sweeping freedom of the nature, birds’ liberty. All my senses want to scream, want to absorb, bluster, run away. From trivial reality starting from 9 till 5, from stupidity, manipulation, from abstract relations, from the availability twenty-four-a-day. Being somewhere else is not easier. You tackle your weaknesses, huge fear, you break the mould, patterns imposed when you were a child. You strive for life. The life in which you’re fighting for yourself. Paradoxically, you have to trust either strangers or yourself. You don’t have friends and family by your side, the sound of new language not always is a pleasure, but also a challenge… when you hit problems, hospitals, crossroads or desire to escape. It all interpermeates in a mixture, which attracts.

The little decision of mine to go out into the great world – and into myself – was pure coincidence – actually, like everything in my life which has bigger or smaller meaning. I laugh when the clock passes midnight at the turn of the new year, I see the past and how much it changed. Life is unpredictable, all you need is allowing emotions to flow. Listen to yourself. Risk.

Every choice has its own pros and cons. Nevertheless, eventually you have to choose the choice. Ask yourself whether you live without regrets but with fulfillment. Do you FEEL the happiness?

I have chosen travels.

You have limitless possibilities.

Alicja Gietka

Written by: Nicole Termin

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