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Have you ever thought that some skills could bring you more money? Maybe some of them you will have naturally, but others you will need to learn. The point is to remember you live in fast changing environment and all what is actual today can change tomorrow. I believe one and the most important skill is flexibility because you never know what can happen, even if you plan all in your life.


Most of us dreams about an amazing career in company or having own business. It is possible, as soon as you will adapt to new era of internet and social media. You think so much what skills will be the most useful, which of them you should develop, where the market goes.


I have an answer for you today! There are 10 main areas which would be still needed in 2020 (yes, just in two years!) and it is time now to work on them. They are based on The Future of Jobs report from World Economic Forum. 


  1. Problem solving – easily finding a way out from every trouble on your way, understanding that you get problems, which you can handle (always);
  2. Critical thinking – an analysis and evaluation of a problem in order to form a judgement;
  3. Creativity – being able to finding a different ways which can lead you to new opportunities;
  4. Managing people – relations are a key and every group needs a leader, the people leave businesses because of the boss, not because of the business itself;
  5. Cooperation with others – working together to the same end;
  6. Emotional intelligence – how you react is simply how you feel, how you feel means how you are able to manage your state of mind;
  7. Decision making – decisions are the key, without them, there won’t be brands like Apple, Nike, Tesla; founders of those brands made a decision to create change in the world and they did. First step was a decision. As soon as you are able to make them, you control your life, unless life controls you.
  8. Services orientation  based on transparency, customer fit, partner connectivity, adaptation, multi-channel capability and optimisation.
  9. Negotiations – the way of settling differences between people by using communication skills and assertiveness;
  10. Cognitive flexibility – the mental ability to switch between thinking about two different concepts.


As you see there are a few possibilities to grow bigger in your work next years. Above skills should be your sample what you can work on, what you have or should learn. It doesn’t mean you need to have all of them, however it can determine which qualifications will develop in future and where your time can be invested. Remember to keep yourself open minded and never stop learning.

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Written by: Nicole Termin

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