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It took me a bit to sit and write this article. It will be probably one of the most personal articles in my life but I know it is time for it now. Some of you see my life as full of happiness and fulfilment. But am I 100% happiness machine? I’m not. This year is really challenging for my and my closest family. Not always all is going in good direction, for now I have even had a feeling that there are more curves in my life then last few years. But this post is not going to be about how challenging my life is, it will be about decisions, choices and result.


One day life can play with you in the game which you will never choose. One day you can lost your job, didn’t get promotion at work, lost all money, close your business, finish important relationship … one day something can go wrong and you will not be ready for it.  In this situation most people sit and think: ‚Why it happened to me!?’, seeing just the biggest failure in their life. You think all universe is against you. Some of you can cry, get angry or react in all different ways to show your disappointments.


But there is another solution. You can cry first, but later you need to move your ass and act. Make a decision what will happen next. Because in this situation your power arrive. The biggest mistakes which I see in my clients is when they jump to another opportunity without clear view if it’s worth for them, if decision is good. It looks like good solution, but it could be just temporary solution to bigger disaster. Of course it will make you feel good again, but it will bring another unexpected result.


Good decisions takes time, good job takes time too, excellent business needs a lot of time too. So next time when some challenge will arrive on your way, think about reasons, what you can learn from it, what will be the best solution for you. Sometimes best solution will be to make one step back and later move two forward. Sometimes boss will need to work as rest of employees to see what should be next step of improvement. Sometimes decisions in your mind kept long time, you need to tell loud. Career/business failure happens to everybody, even to myself. I failed so many times on my ideas, time management, new contracts, possibilities. But it is time to learn the lesson and move forward. The one advice which I can give you will be a question: How do you see your life in one year? Maybe you would like to be in different place, job or environment. Make a plan for next 12 months of your life, for beginning.


More fulfilment, less fussiness.

Written by: Nicole Termin

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