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Nicole Termin
  1. We want you to believe you can combine passion with your work.
    You can do what you enjoy and love for a living.
    Trust us, and you will find a new exciting career.
  2. We will show you that change can be a wonderful experience you don’t need to be afraid of, we will help you face it well-prepared.
  3. We will take you on a journey into the world of motivation, encouraging you to follow your passion and inspiration and thus the enthusiasm of running your own business.
  4. You will finally start putting your plans into action and getting things “done” rather than having things “to do”.



Career coaching is focused on the “here and now”. As your career coach I will guide you in expressing your career dreams, desires, and goals. I build a relationship with a you and serves as an accountability partner as you move towards a new career path. I will train, listen, inspire, lead, prompt, encourage, tutor, query, and act as the Career Search Strategist for you.

Trainings & Conferences

Most of people would like to achieve a success in all fields in their life however they do not know how to make it happen. My trainings are a guide, an inspiration and strategy how your dream can become a reality, how to start to rock a world in your own way. Action strategy is not just a plan, it’s a way to determine the direction in which you go, identify the mistakes you may potentially make and as a result of taking this action, increase your income!

Business Trainings

Having a motivated and involved team at your business is getting harder and harder to achieve. We will teach you new strategies and tactics to ensure candidates applying for career positions within your business are the best, brightest, the most enthusiastic, motivated and best qualified individuals to suit your company needs. We will show you how wild more productive and motivated team which support your business in every situation.

CV & Job Interview

A CV, a cover letter, and a job interview are only some elements of the complex process starting from an idea to a satisfying job position. I will give you a list of tips and techniques that will help you. I will share with you tricky questions that 90% of candidates tend to fail on. Taking into account your personal needs I will help you write a good CV and teach you how to be successful on a job interview.