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Have you heard about these people who wake up on Monday morning and have a great mood? Or about those who work 12 hours a day but, still, they are not tired? We all know they exist, but we have never had a chance to meet them.


There is one reason: you don’t want to meet them. It will ignite you to take into consideration the fact you are not one of them – it will not be a nice feeling and will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. Later your current environment will remind you how lucky you are because you earn decent amount of money, you can afford holidays, parties, clothes and more things which make you happy just for a moment. They will remind you how lucky you are just because they are too scared to start a change or go out of their comfort zone and all the pleasures they have.


So, if there are so many cons of finding the RIGHT job, why should you look for one? Only one answer arises: fulfilment. To have a happy life at all levels, you need to feel fulfilled both at work and in your private life. These two parts are really close to each other, they literally mesh together.


You spend 1/3 of your day at work. Statistics show it is around 30% of our lifetime (in case we live 100 years). It is around 30 years, almost 11000 days and more than 250 000 hours of your existence. When you take a closer look… 250 000 .. isn’t it a lot? Isn’t it nice to spend time at work and in your private life by preference, to hold balance, have a better mood each morning just because you have the right reason to wake up, surround by supportive and understanding people, have more money and procrastinate less? Isn’t it?


So, now you can ask yourself: why are you stuck in your current place? Maybe because it was your first job or you didn’t have a chance to find out what you really like, what’s your passion or maybe you gained experience in a job and later kept doing it because it was convenient? There may be lots of reasons. And this is why people don’t change. They think about reasons, not solutions. Your solution could be quite easy (easier than you think) but it needs to happen on three levels… and all of them I will share on my blog soon.


If you enjoyed this post, please let me know. I will get an extra motivation to share more with you 🙂 

Written by: Nicole Termin

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