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Person with passion … who are you?

Today I met person with passion. But not passion just for a second, it was forever. It was a real one. The way he described his ‘baby’ (=company) bewitched me. Despite the fact it wasn’t a subject that I read with desire in the bed, I fell into it in 100 %.[/vc_column_text]

I started to wonder why one person seduce us with their stories, sell itself and the other cannot do it, why we cannot ‘buy’ a story, and thus the product or service. What does it need to happen that you have a twinkle in yours eye and you want to hear more? I ran into a couple of factors.

  • A person with passion doesn’t do anything to sell. Important is a positive impact in human’s life, a change which happen in client’s mind after using the product / service.
  • A person with passion does not have to convince you to its own opinion. It is authentic. Or you go all in, or not at all.
  • A person with passion has championship level in the subject. She/he has such a powerful knowledge which can use without any problems and (what is more important) share it with audience in the easiest and understandable way.
  • A person with passion is able to sacrifice for the idea. Even when there is a crisis moment, high risks, she/he can lost everything. It’s because she/he creates it, feels like a part of its body which she/he doesn’t want to lost, because the rest of the body will not work properly.
  • A person with a passion believes that what passes has a deeper sense, it can move mountains. Do not give up at the first obstacle she/he encounter.
  • A person with a passion enthuses you with an idea to follow your own path, inspires to look for yourself, because she/he knows there is nothing more beautiful than the work, which is a passion.

Rarely I meet people with passion, but as soon as they are in my way I do thank them for giving a signpost, a reminder of why I do my job, for giving me a piece of their heart.

And what will you do when you meet a person with a passion? Who is for you such a person?

Written by: Nicole Termin

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