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2018. One week ahead. I hope you made the resolutions and you are still trying to fulfill them, aren’t you? I know it’s gonna be harder and harder till the point when you give up for one day, later for one week and finally for a month. At some point you will be willing to be back on the track and work 3 times harder to achieve your goals before the end of this year, but it will probably be too busy and you will put your plans aside for a while.


In the end of 2018 you will rethink your goals and make an ambitious plan for 2019. Simple as that.

Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? How many times did you keep trying? Will you agree people are masters in procrastination? I will not judge you here because I’m going over the same issues, however this year I did something different and being in the beginning of this year I know how it will end up (and these are not just empty wishes).


I introduce you 3 questions to answer. They are as powerful as you let them to be. It may sound funny but I did answer them, a lot of  influential people too, and the most important is: they see results. So set your excuses aside and think about the questions below.


1.What experience do you want to achieve?

What does it mean?

What exactly will the end goal be?

2. How do you have to grow?

How will you learn?

What exactly will you do daily/weekly/monthly?

3. What can you give back to the world?

‚If you want to be happy, make other people happy’


Answering all these questions you need to remember that just TODAY counts. Tomorrow cannot exist. It is amazing to have plans and goals but even more important is to know what you are going to do each day, how you will spend your time, where you will invest a single minute. So invest smart.

Written by: Nicole Termin

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