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Nicole Termin

LinkedIn – Private Profile



‘Facebook in suit’ – this is unofficial name for LinkedIn. Some people doesn’t see a difference in both businesses. What’s about you? Let’s check few questions below.

Do you know an answer?

  • How to build a personal profile that helps you build relationships, get leads, sell or get future job opportunities?
  • How to create a professional content on your profile that will be the first stage in your marketing efforts?
  • What are the differences in content creation depending on what goal you want to achieve?
  • How do different types of photos perceive LinkedIn users?
  • How do I make conversations that lead to sales?

You have only a few seconds to convince the recruiter you are the best candidate for the job or future business partner to work with you.

Don’t waste the opportunity to impress – get in touch and make your profile outstanding!


Price: 1.5 hours consultation/ £120 | 150$ | 600zl

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