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Winning Intentions – part 1

Author: Sensimellia Williams


Did you know that the life you lead today is essentially the sum of all of your habits formed over the years? Using this new found knowledge, can you say that your habits have contributed to you now living your dream? Did you wake up this morning in a great mood, with a great zest for life or did you hit the snooze button, roll back over and pull the covers over your head?


Now if you feel like you are living your dream right now, “Congratulations”, you are probably inspiring so many people to follow in your footsteps, some that you may not even be aware of. If you are not even remotely close to living your dream yet and you are not living the way you would want to at this age, you have to ask yourself,

What can I do to change this?

After all, we are all in control of our own lives, aren’t we? When you woke up this morning, did you have a plan already set out for your day? If so, you are part of the 8% of successful people that set daily intentions at the start of their day. For those of us that didn’t start off our day with any intentions, I bet you had a “go with the flow” kind of day, probably having not accomplished much except being on time for work and beating the traffic back home afterwards. Exciting stuff! How different do you think your day would have felt if you actually started off with a plan of things to do for the day and you actually spent the day ticking these things off your list? Wouldn’t it feel like you took control of your day, chose how to use your time wisely to be able to do the things you have planned and came back home feeling like you have accomplished something.


Now typically, throughout our lives we have goals that we set for ourselves, whether they are weekly, monthly or yearly goals – working towards that 5 year plan. You probably still have some goals that you have had for many years, but here you are in 2017 still trying to achieve them. If somebody asked you why you haven’t achieved that goal yet, you probably have a reason/excuse on the tip of your tongue, probably the same excuse that you have been recycling for years, (But we all know that procrastination is usually always the real reason) but nevertheless, the proof is in the pudding. Excuses just don’t get results!

So what is the answer to Success?

What are Successful people doing to achieve their goals that you are not? There are probably many things that successful have done to get to where they are now, but one common habit of a successful person, is that they have mini goals which help them to achieve their big goals. They have learnt that having goals is virtually pointless, if you don’t have mini goals in the form of daily intentions. 


“Now what the hell are daily intentions?” Well quite simply, Intentions are the start of any process or plan. Imagine every time you have planned to do something, the initial thought is the intention and most things that happen in our lives start with the intention. It could be as simple as deciding to go clothes shopping, meet up with a friend or watch a film, the moment you have the idea to do so, that is where the intention is born.


We may have had many intentions in a day but intentions don’t grow if you hold on to them, so it means a lot of them do not get acted upon. For example, have you ever had a really good idea and have all these thoughts in your head about what you could do to bring that idea to life, but because you didn’t put anything into action, the idea had always just remained..…..in your head. Or ever planned to do so many things with your day off from work, but on the day, you end up spending most of it curled up in bed or on the internet and then your day off is over before it even started. You see, Intentions are great but they are useless without any action. The action is the part where the intention comes to life. Without any action, you will hardly ever see the results of any of those ideas in your head. Imagine at this moment in time, you may be sitting on a million dollar idea, but because you haven’t done anything about it, the world may never see it.


On a typical day, our mind is generally caught up in thoughts, emotions and memories. Researchers say that the average person has between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. Now while those figures seem crazily high, with all those thoughts flying around our head all day, you can imagine how hard it must be to focus on any intention long enough to be able to put it into action. This is considered as one of the main reasons why we don’t always reach our goals, because we are too busy being distracted by the world around us and the thousands of other thoughts that cross our minds on a daily basis.


Here’s an example. Have you ever woken up in a bad mood? The first thing you did was probably scroll through your social media which may have put you in that bad mood. Or let’s say you woke up to an angry text message or saw a crazy story all over the news. Now without you knowing it, this is definitely going to have some kind of effect on your mood and this can be all within the first half hour of you being awake. This is typically how “one of those days” begins, also known as “getting up on the wrong side of bed”. If you ever leave home in a bad mood, I would suggest doing a U-turn and starting again because your day will more than likely consist of things that will make you feel worse, like sitting in traffic that results in you now being late for work……call it a domino effect.


Successful people know that the start of your day is the most important part of your day. So important, that we have to shout about it


These days, there are many methods people adopt to start their day off ‘on the right foot’…. TBC

Written by: Nicole Termin

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