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Winning Intentions – part 2

Author: Sensimellia Williams


Some people like a morning coffee, some like to listen to music first thing in the morning and one of the more increasingly popular methods, is meditation.


Now before you turn up your nose and roll your eyes at the thought of meditating, before your brain automatically starts thinking of a million reasons why you don’t need to meditate, have you ever tried?


Well, if your answer to that question is no, then excuses at this point onwards are irrelevant. Nobody likes to be that person who is always quick to say “its not for me” about trying something but have never actually given it a go.


Every wise person knows that in order to be successful you must be willing to try and do new things. How else will you get new results or learn something new if you don’t at least try.


It is said that meditation is a proven method that helps you to silence those 50,000 plus thoughts we experience daily. According to researchers “Meditation is essential to feel well and live a happy life. It can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety and all factors that can prevent us feeling happy”. Those who meditate say that the best time to plant the seed of any intention, is during the period right after meditation, as this is where your awareness is still centred in that quiet place of unlimited possibilities. And if you don’t feel completely energised, determined and empowered after meditation, you have got to be doing it wrong.


Now whether you choose to meditate or not, setting intentions for your day should be something included in your daily routine if you have goals that you want to achieve. If you make it a habit to start your day off productively and set aside at least 10 mins of your morning for some good old “(Me)ditation time” you will quickly notice how different your day plays out. It’s as simple as starting off each day with a list of things you want to do by the end of the day day and then having fun spending the day ticking your list off. Like playing a game with yourself and always ending up being the Winner. This list could include simple things like “Book my opticians appointment, Buy a birthday card for my manager, Go to the gym for an hour. The main objective is to get into the habit of setting mini goals/tasks daily which will ultimately contribute to your bigger goals.


After a month, just imagine how productive your month may have been. Researchers say it can take as little as 21 days before a new behaviour becomes automatic. This means it will take you just under a month to change your past habits and replace them with new ones. Successful people didn’t get where they are by mistake. Part of the process was changing their daily habits which in turn meant that they were able to achieve certain goals.


Without an intention, you are likely to be more reactive to life rather than proactive. For example, you hate your job and want to leave but haven’t started looking for a new job or even updated your cv. Then all of a sudden you get made redundant so now you have no choice but to update your cv and start looking for a job. This is you reacting to life. On the flip side, you hate your job so you update your cv, start applying for roles and using some of your annual leave to go for interviews and you land an amazing job with a great company. You leave your current role and then find out weeks later that the company made everyone redundant. This is an example of you being proactive with your life. Making a decision and acting on it without the influence of others is a habit that once mastered, will change your life.


So challenge yourself!


If you have a desire to succeed in life and you find that you are not, stop looking for reasons why things never go right for you and starting making plans to change your reality. Set intentions for your day, then watch your weeks, months and years start looking more fruitful right before your eyes. If you want to give it a try, I dare you to set yourself a 30 day challenge to meditate every morning (Try a guided meditation on youtube to help you get into it), buy a little notebook and write down 7 intentions for your day (be as specific as possible) and at the end of the day just before bed, get excited about how many of your intentions you managed to get ticked off. It will be like a mini competition for yourself, where you can always be the Winner. The sense of achievement, no matter how small, should have you going to bed with a smile on your face and waking up the same way.


Play the game of life, where the only intention is to Win!

Written by: Nicole Termin

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