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You will never have a dream job

Education, friends and society do not impose the development of your talent and the search for a professional sense of life. Most people perform 9-5  work and return home forgetting what they have been doing for almost a whole day or complaining about how much they dislike it. You can deflect two attitudes: negative or innocent. Does it approach them to be satisfied in every area of life?

And what about those people who say that career is not so important, that in life there are other values much more important? Don’t you think this approach is even worse? Surely it is really lying to yourself, live in two lifetimes to reap only 50% of what you can have. When I ask people about the career on seminars or trainings, most of them respond to one of the three schemes above. Trying to convince me that they are right. I often wonder who you are more trying to convince  ….me ..or maybe yourself?

Dream job is out of the reach for almost 83% of people in the world.

But most of them never take the next step, because they have never heard a one word: you can. Most of these people think they can not, they will never succeed. And you know what .. it’s true, nothing can do it alone. Career is often a long, laborious and hard work, but it gives you tremendous satisfaction. The next step is: you know you can achieve what you want however there is lack of action.

Asking clients for the reasons, they always mention the same things:

  • fear
  • no support
  • fear of public opinion
  • lack of money
  • no idea
  • lack of perseverance
  • lack of knowledge

You will probably be comforted by the fact that you are not alone (83% of population is there.. remember). However, I wanted to tell you: I was passing through all above points, and some of them I know to master level. However, I do my own job, follow my idea because:


  • fear can be a motivation
  • no support can verify who is really worth your attention
  • fear of public opinion is changing into public opinion research and solving their problems (what they say about you is most likely their problem)
  • lack of money can be an obstacle to resolving and learning how to handle it
  • no idea can force you to stop and think what you want from life, what is important for you
  • lack of persistence can still remind you of what you should learn
  • lack of knowledge can open the door to new areas unknown for you


As you see the point of view depends on your perception. What will you do now: rethink, send a CV, write a business plan or sit in chair and see another episode of the series?

Remember: ‘No action, no progress’. Career is long term investment, not a short term thought. 


Written by: Nicole Termin

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