Over the past few years, I have been learning how to communicate in the most effective way and build strong business relationships. Now I’m helping people to communicate their way to success.

In addition, I’m a public speaker and creator of soft skills trainings.

So if you look for someone who will be soft on you and afraid of telling the true, you are in wrong place. From early years I wasn’t afraid to share my opinion or show who I really am. I supposed to be a journalist but my destiny pushed me through business, entrepreneurship and psychology.

I love speaking the front of camera (yes, I wanted to be TV host in past) so you will see plenty on InstaStories or YouTube videos here and on my other platforms, however, as a opposite I hate photoshoots and I’m a real headache for photographers.

I believe in communication and building relationships and I don’t agree with statement that we are exist properly alone. We are designed to share life with others. Therefore I help people to communicate, to understand their callers and to listen in the way they’ve never experienced before.

My journey wasn’t easy and sweet so all challenges which I share with you are based on my or my clients experience. I started with no money at all in foreign country, now I’m in the point that I know where my focus is and I know why I build an empire and it won’t be possible if not people and relationships which I’ve build with them.

In free time I try to be a vegan but my love for cheese sometimes win. I love running long distances – they call me marathoner, but I’ve finished just one (second to come soon). I love travelling and meeting new people but there is just one place where a feel like at home, Barcelona – took my heart few years ago and I’m still faithful.

I’m addicted to movies, especially when I have so much to do. People call me crazy because I love watching Forrest Gump in Spanish but hearing ‘Correr Forrest, correr” always bring smile on my face.

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